Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Baby Shower Thank You Cookies

My daughter Lori and I made these to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies of Archbishop Carney High school for the great baby shower they threw her on Friday.

Yellow baby bibs

May your cookies never crumble!!

A Baby Boy Is On His Way

I had such fun baking cookies for the baby shower of my friend's daughter-in-law who is expecting a bouncing baby boy.

I made these fun onsies cookies for her to give to all her guests...everyone just loved them.  I keep getting asked for business cards so I will repeat I DO THIS FOR FUN ONLY!!!
All decorated in baby boy blue
The proud parents to be

May your cookies never crumble!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lunch Box Full Of Dots

I came across this retro lunch box and of course I just couldn't resist seeing what I could do with it.  As you can see, the "Dots" cookies were born. These 4 dozen are going to be raffled off at Curves in Port Coquitlam May 30 - June 4 

May your cookies never crumble!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Congratulations To Our Vancouver Canucks

Wahooooooooo!!!! That was the cheer coming from not only my house last night but  the homes of Canuck fans everywhere!! 

Our hometown boys entered the race for Sir Stanley's Cup needing 16 wins...now they are down to needing just 4 more!! 

Congratulations to our boys in blue on their Campbell Conference Championship win last night.  What made it even sweeter was the win at home and sending those nasty sharks to the golf greens for the summer.  Come on, they play hockey in California?  Who plays hockey in California?  They should be dusting off their golf clubs or waxing up their surf boards...they have no business playing hockey...that's OUR sport. 
A nice new set of away jersey's ready to go!!

May your cookies never crumble!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Congratulations Graduate!

My last niece is graduating this year so I made these cookies for her to share with her friends. The gold tassels are made with gold dust powder mixed with a special ingredient!
Congratulations graduates of 2011!

May your cookies never crumble!!

A New Bundle Of Joy Deserves Some Yummy Cookies!

My niece Michelle has a new baby boy that came on May 17th. We went to her shower this weekend in Kamloops so I just had to bring some cute baby cookies for her. They were admired by all, and more orders were attempted to be placed. Still just doing it for fun though! Her smile was worth all the money in the world.

May your cookies never crumble!!

A Thank You For A Great Job

I made these for a friend of mine as a thank you for helping me with some technology support! She is always ready to help! Thanks so much Donna!
Tried chocolate this time instead of icing!
 May your cookies never crumble!!

A Little Bouquet Of Happiness

A friend of mine was in need of a smile so I thought these edible flowers would do the trick.

May your cookies never crumble!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

We Are ALL Vancouver Canucks

The city is electric with Stanley Cup Fever and our beloved Vancouver Canucks are in the third round of the playoffs!! Well done boys!!

Of course that gave me a "reason" to bake cookies and to cheer on our hometown boys.

I don't know all the players but here are cookie jerseys for some of them.
#3-Bieksa, #20-Higgins, #1-Luongo, #5-Ehrhoff, #33-H. Sedin, #23-Edler, #13-Torres, #41-Alberts, #17-Kessler, #22-D. Sedin, #6-Salo

They are playing San Jose in Game Two tonight and it is a well proven fact that Orca's eat Sharks...GO CANUCKS GO!!

I'm sharing the love of the game and dropped off a special batch to my friends at Global TV today...I hope they enjoy them.

May your cookies never crumble!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Where It All Began

I thought it would be fun to look back at where these great cookies came from. I started many years ago with my Mother-in-law and my 2 daughters decorating holiday cookies.

Lori, Mom and I at Christmas
Diana at Halloween

It use to be just a holiday tradition to get together and decorate cookies, but it seems to have expanded and I now have a cookie cutter for every activity and occasion. 20 years later, my 2 girls and Mom still love to sit and paint cookies with me, what more could I ask for!

May your cookies never crumble!!

Happy Belated Birthday Diana

It's hard to have part of my family so far away but Diana is never far from my thoughts.  Despite almost a country between us, it was so great to be able to have a gift made with love, cookies of course, hand
delivered to her.
Blow out the candles Diana!!

Many thanks to my friend Bette who was visiting Nova Scotia and took Diana a gift from my heart...and my kitchen.

Thank you cookies baked for Bette

Bette took her granddaughter with her so she visited Diana at her new job at Digby Pine Resort where they had a great lunch together. 

Hope your birthday was as beautiful as you are Diana!!

May your cookies never crumble!!

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

I know I said I don't need a reason to bake cookies but when I do have a reason...look out!!

Recently I thought Easter was a great reason to bake some yummy cookies so that is exactly what I did.  I think I might have got a bit carried away though!!

There was a family of Ducklings...
Spring Chickens taking their first peek...
 An array of Easter Eggs...
 In more colors than the rainbow...
 The bunnies were also sneaking a peek...
 Oh so cute Easter Bunnies...
 Silly Smiling Bunnies...
 And you can't have Easter Bunnies without a Carrot Patch...
 These Spring Chickens came out to have a look...
 And there were even more Easter Bunny friends...
And last but not least...even more Spring Chickens...
See...I told you I was a bit out of control!!

Hope your Easter was filled with yummy treats, love and peace!!

May your cookies never crumble!!

Monday, 16 May 2011


Like so many very patriotic Canadians last year, I caught the Olympic fever and wanted to do something to help celebrate so my little red mitten cookie was born
I had so much fun sharing them with my friends and giving them to complete strangers.  

They were such a hit that when the first anniversary of the beginning of the Olympics rolled around this past February, Global Television heard about my little baking venture and came to interview me and watch me make more red mittens to capture the pride we felt as a country.

My Global News Interview

It was a truly magical time to be a Canadian and baking red mitten cookies was just a fun way to celebrate.

I hope you will continue to relive your Olympic moments for a lifetime to come.

May your cookies never crumble!!

Welcome To Corry's Cookie Creations

Welcome to Corry's Cookie Creations and my brand new blog!! 
I am a first time blogger so bare with me as I get my feet wet here but I am excited to be able to share my cookie creations with my friends and family.

I love to bake and I have always been crafty so recently I decided to combine my love of both.

It really started with the 2010 Winter Olympics last year when I decided it would be fun to make red mitten cookies to celebrate this amazing event that was happening.  Well, it just kind of took off from there.

There are always lots of great reasons to bake cookies but sometimes I don't even need a reason, I just bake because it is fun and I love the smile it brings to the faces of the people I share my cookies with.

And before you ask...NO...I DO NOT TAKE ORDERS!! This is a passion for me, something I enjoy, not something I want to make money off of (even though people keep telling me I should) or to start a business with.

Check back often and see what I have been busy creating.

I hope you enjoy my blog!!

May you too be inspired to bring a smile to the face of someone you love!!

May your cookies never crumble!!