Thursday, 26 April 2012

And The Winner Is...

Corry Moffat!!!

My name is Donna White and I have hijacked Corry's blog to be a Guest Blogger on her site so that I can share some very exciting news with everyone that loves Corry and her cookies and really...who doesn't?!

Last Tuesday evening Corry was recognized by the City of Port Coquitlam as Volunteer of The Year in the category of Caring and Safety for ALL of the amazing things she does in her community.

Now some of you might "think you know" all of her amazing accomplishments but I bet you that you don't know them all.

Her nomination included six letters from some very special people who were thrilled to have an opportunity to share just what Corry has meant to the organizations she is involved with. 

For the past seven years she has been a volunteer with my office, The Terry Fox Foundation.  She works tirelessly for our small office taking on any task that needs to be completed.  She also helps out at Royal Columbian Hospital where she has worked her way up to head baby cuddler, among a host of other things she has done for them over the years.  She has worked with both the New Westminster and Port Coquitlam health unit, has participated in various food drives, has rode on the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, delivered meals for Meals on Wheels, volunteered for the Variety Club Telethon, helps out with her church and will bake a batch of her famous cookies for anyone that asks.  Jessie Alder, who works with Corry at The Terry Fox Foundation said, "Her kindness is contagious and she has truly taught me to be a more considerate and giving person."

 Here she is with all six winners of the evening that were each awarded Volunteer of The Year in their categories. Below here she is with Councillor Mike Forrest who had the distinct pleasure of presenting Corry with her award.
We were thrilled to see just how excited she was to be nominated and we were beyond elated when she won!!!  The look on her face when they called her name brought tears to my eyes.  I cannot think of anyone that was more deserving in our community this year for this award than Corry Moffat!!

Thank you for your gift of time, your gift of laughter, your gift of friendship and your continued gift of cookies. I am so proud to call you my friend.

Donna White
Proud Friend and Guest Blogger

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

This year I had very little time to spend on making Easter cookies as I was away on holidays in Jamaica. I could not,  however, pass up decorating these cute bunnies, eggs, and baskets. They sure were a lot of fun to do.
Bunnies, Bunnies
and more bunnies.

basket full of eggs

May your cookies never crumble!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Destination Wedding to Remember!

My husband and I traveled to Jamaica to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. B's wedding. It was amazing! I brought along these beautiful cookies made by my daughter and I for all 24 of us that attended. We also made a package for the bride and groom to enjoy when they got home. However, the groom was already eating them before dinner that night! I guess they were a hit!

Bride and Groom's packages
May your cookies never crumble!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mr. & Mrs. L's Wedding

My daughter and I made many many beautiful snowflakes for a friends wedding in February. The snowflakes turned out beautiful and they looked lovely on the table as her favor.

May your cookies never crumble!!