Saturday, 20 April 2013

Great Place To Work

Corry's Sugar Cookies were a hit at the office celebration for "Great Place To Work Day".  LGM Financial Services Inc once again was chosen as one of the top companies to work for in BC.  When we commissioned Corry to make a cookie for each of our staff members in the Vancouver Office,  she came up with a perfect idea.  A star shaped cookie outlined in white sanding sugar, and packaging displaying to the staff why they were receiving the cookie. Our Human Resources Manager personally handed out the cookies to each of the staff members. One by one a smile from ear to ear came onto their faces and by  the end of the work day everyone had eaten their cookie!  Professionally done right down to the label that was attached.  Corry, I know our staff were happy to receive one of your wonderful cookie.  Thanks  Donna
 Donna, thank you for the post for my blog.
May your cookies never crumble!!

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