Thursday, 20 September 2012

Corry's Cookies Have Gone International!

I am feeling really special as I am only the second guest Blogger on Auntie Corry's Blog!

It is official Corry's Cookies have gone overseas to Australia!  My best friend Debbie lives in Australia and sent a lovely Australia cookie cutter to my children for their birthday.  I know how much Debbie misses Canada so every time I send her and her husband a package I try to put things in from home that she misses or a few things to remind her that she is still Canadian!  When my kiddies got the cutter in the mail I immediately thought that the first cookies cut with it should have some special meaning and be shared with Debbie and Chris.  So I enlisted the lovely Auntie Corry and her daughter Lori to create a one of a kind CanAussie Cookie! Deb and Chris LOVED them and I think they may have even shared them.

Thank you Auntie Corry and Lori for putting in so much time and love into your cookies.

PS The cookies never crumbled!

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