Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Family Reunion

The 7 van Berkel siblings
The whole family (46 of us)

Well what a weekend our family had!  Each of the 7 families at the reunion were responsible for organizing an activity that we all could enjoy. Of course I had every one decorating cookies, even all of the guys who thought it would be "lame" ended up having fun. What a great job they all did on their cookies.

some of the decorated cookies

On Saturday we had a tea party/baby shower for one of my nieces and I couldn't resist making special cookie favors for all the ladies.


 With a group that size there were lots of chores that had to be done and on Canada Day my clan had dinner table table setting duty. These Canada flags were the perfect sweet treats at each place setting.

O Canada

May your cookies never crumble!!

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  1. Hi Corry, Do you sell your beautiful cookies? I am hosting a Harry Potter Party next Saturday July 28 and would love to order some. My mom goes to Curves and has seen your cookies and raved to me about them. Thanks Candice my email address is: 604 551 3844